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   Shenzhen Warehouse
Shenzhen Warehouse
Value-added services of warehouse
Shenzhen warehouse belong bonded warehouse, customer can enjoy the tax rebate policy for the import and export goods. Shenzhen warehouse in addition to storage, distribution function, mainly to provide with customers value-added operation. Include storing ,assembly, labeling ,scanning production. Shenzhen warehouse area have 10000 square meters, 5568 pallets of shelf storage and 3280 pick locations, now there are more than 2000 SKUs in warehouse need to storing. Label value -added is the print and labeling variety labels, include SKU labels ,barcode labels ,Star truck labels ,E-parcel labels……there are a dozen labels can provide in Shenzhen warehouse. Shenzhen warehouse have 8 scan pack production line, after sorting, scanning, LCL, the scan data package by the system and sent to client
WMS system
In middle of 2008, company’s IT independent research and development a WMS system for warehouse to improve the quality of inbound and outbound. Mainly reflected on:
A、 when we find abnormal cargo on inbound shipment, can Q-hold by SKU, Location, if the problem solving ,then lift the Q-hold;
B、 outbound shipment need to scan, so that the shipping rate dropped to the lowest because the goods barcode need scan into the system, when the scanning barcode with the required goods is inconsistent, there have error warning;
C、 can be used at leisure replenishment, the WMS system managed inventory, shift, put away and other operation, semi-automatic scanning out shipment cargo and automatically generated report to improve the operation efficiency of warehouse;
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